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Dying Viburnumn and Trachelospernum Jasminoides

Feeling desperate. Hoping for some plant pathology geeks to help please! 

Our problems started with a Viburnum Tinus standard tree dying-it was pretty mature at over 3 meters and planted for 4 years before quite sudden leaf drop and whole tree death.

I've had Trachelospermum jasminoides all around the garden for over 10 years and now suddenly one has gone the same way as the tree.

Now same happened to shrub Viburnum Davidi. All in close proximity but yet other plants of the same species, also in close proximity are seemingly unaffected

Visible signs of problems are leaf spotting. Leaves initially droop then go brown and drop. I’ve been out with a magnifying glass and can’t really see much except a few spiders!
Watering system is unchanged.

Desperate for anyone who knows what this problem may be (photos enclosed) as google isn't really helping. I see no sign of mildew. 
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