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Conifer Hedge Stopped Growing

Hi All,

I've got a conifer hedge (leylandii...not sure?) which is quite important to our house as it blocks out the noise and gives us privacy from a busy road. This season, part of it (2 plants) have stopped growing whilst the remainder of the hedge grows fine. The problem area basically doesn't look like it has grown since it's last cut a year ago and looks brown.

Is this just down to lack of water? The area of the garden the previous owner has planted a lot of bushes and this just a competition for water that the conifer is losing or is it something else? Will copious amounts of water revive it or am I too late?

Hedge is at the back of these photos...


  • AnniDAnniD South West UKPosts: 10,394
    I think your hedge might be a thuja plicata. 
    There's definitely a lot of planting in front of it and the fact it's right up against the wall and pavement makes me think that lack of water may well be the problem. 

    There may be a way of getting water to it by setting up some kind of soaker hose system. Hopefully others will have suggestions  :)
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