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Clover lawn

Hi, I'm fairly new here. 
We wanted to bring bees into our garden and our front lawn always got moss on it and constant raking, aeration and feeding. I looked into a Clover lawn as this was low maintenance and needed no feeding. I lifted Al the lawn raked it and punched it with a fork. Seeded the lot with seed mixed in with soil in May. So ther are a few seedlings coming but not as much as I thought. I have watered every day lightly. I just want to know how long does it take for Clover to be fully mature or even start covering the ground??


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    @allan_macphail can't say how long anything will take place but our "lawn" has many wildflowers including the clovers. We don't add any feed and cut back very few times. The insects are a buzz and that is why we keep it a wild lawn.
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    Can you take a photo of your lawn Allan?

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    It takes time. I have a poor quality lawn, and despite feeding etc, nothing worked.  Based on 'right plant/right place' a patch a white clover has been progressively thriving over the last few years.  I sowed white clover seeds a few months ago on some scarified bare patches with fantastic initial results.  Until presumably, snails and slugs had a banquet.  I'm going to experiment with sowing indoors and transplanting developed patches into the lawn, as the fully-developed clover has no issues with slugs and throws up lots of bee-attracting flowers.  
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  • Whether you’re growing clover herb for practical purposes or just because of its appearance, knowing when to plant clover is necessary. Generally, you should do this task during spring, summer, and fall, when there’s no frost. 
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