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I three gooseberry bushes. I planted them I 2020 and had a few berries. We moved in December 2020 and I replanted them in large pots. Since then the bushes have thrived, lots of hearty growth but no fruit (well two or thee berries!). What am I doing wrong?
Thanks Bob Humble.


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    I don’t know, but I’d get in touch with the moderators and ask them to remove your email address from this thread.🙂

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    Is it possible for Bob to edit the thread title ? if so you have until 8 minutes past one  :)
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    we could spam flag the post out for him

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    Good plan
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    Poor AnniD got flagged!

    The culprit should have gone to Spec Savers. 😁
    Apophthegm -  a big word for a small thought.
    If you live in Derbyshire, as I do.
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    You can take the flag off if you just click on it again. 
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    Definitely not a good idea to put your email address anywhere on a public forum.  Asking for all sorts of spam and phishing and so on.

    Gooseberries - it could be that they are just settling in after being uprooted and potted.  It could be that a frost got the flowers before they were pollinated.  It could be a lack of nutrients and/or water making the plant abort any fruits to reduce stress.

    How big are the plants?  How big are the pots?  What kind of compost did you use?  Have you fed them since potting them up?   Have you pruned them at all to allow air flow and sunlight to the centre of the plant?

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    Isn't it the case that too much nutrient rich soil can cause leaves to grow brilliantly, at the expense of fruit/flowers?
    I only had one gooseberry bush which was here before me, in a soil topped clay bank, competing with a blackcurrant and a million weeds, but it churned out fruit like nobody's business - I never fed it. 
    I'm probably not much help, but you never know! 
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    That was me. Sorry @AnniD
    I blame it on Covid brain fog😞
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    I forgive you @B3 :)
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