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Arley Garden Festival this weekend

Just spent a blissful day at the Arley Garden Festival today. I much prefer it to Tatton,  smaller, more intimate and friendly. No queue to get in and parking is on the field right outside the entrance.
Healthy, good sized plants at really reasonable prices (3 for £10 or £12). Plenty of garden art and accessories and a handful of artisan food stalls to browse. I bought an enormous pork pie, some lovely smoked Cheshire cheese and some fudge.
Lots of benches and walls to sit on and admire the stunning gardens. The herbaceous border is already looking wonderful.
The schools gardening challenge was fabulous, the excitement in the children's and the teacher's faces and voices when talking about their exhibits was wonderful. My favourite was the allotment garden and they had grown every single plant from seed.
Jazz bands playing all day and a Brass band concert in the afternoon.
Question Time marquee and garden tours with the head gardener and Lord Ashbrook (tugs forelock).
I bought some pots of 3ft tall mixed Cornflowers as mine have been really disappointing, four compact Dahlias (not something I usually grow as I have a bit of a thing about earwigs) and a pink Calla Lily. 
All in all a wonderful day (can you tell?) and it's only 10 minutes from home. It's on again tomorrow and if I wasn't busy with something else I would go back and do it all again. 


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    What a super description of your day @Angelicant. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. I will have to take a look at that one myself as I have gone to Tatton several times in the past and Arley is not that far from me either.
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