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Cherry tomatoes

Every year, since lockdown, I have planted cherry tomatoes, bronze, yellow and red, in large ppots, with great results. Sometimes, too great. My bronze tomato is obviously an indeterminate one and grows and grows. What would happen if I cut it to the height I want it,  the height of the frame, some 136 cms? Would it stop producing lower down the plant? Would it die? Or would it simply bush out? I don’t want to string it to my balcony which is 160cms higher than the top of the frame, as the bougainvillea there has cotton afids and last year infected the plant. Any advice would be welcome.


  • JennyJJennyJ Posts: 10,052
    It won't die, and limiting the number of fruits helps the plant to concentrate on ripening the fruit that it has produced lower down. It will most likely grow side shoots from the leaf joints but you can nip them out (as you would with any cordon tomato, that's the ones that you grow as a single stem tied in to a support rather than as a bush with side shoots allowed to grow).
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  • lcbrittainlcbrittain Posts: 26
    Thank you. I will try this.
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