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How to prune very overgrown fig tree

I have just moved to a property. Where the garden hadn't been touched for a long time. Due to other trees encroaching the fig tree has grown very awkwardly. And so many branches crossing or totally growing over. How hard back can I prune in winter.  Any advice on where to prune. It seems to have a good fruit growth on it currently.


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    We inherited a free standing fig tree when we moved here, very overgrown and with brambles tangling its base after several years of neglect by the previous owners.

    We tackled it by removing the lower branches so we could get in to the middle more easily ti get the brambles and other weeds and then took out crossing branches higher up to reduce rubbing and thus damage to bark which can invite disease.   After that, we stood back and then removed or trimmed back other stems to balance the shape.

    We did this in late winter and the tree has been fine.   It produces a large crop of fruits every year but the starlings strip it just before they're ripe enough for us so we've planted another in th eveg plot and hope they won't notice it cos they'll be busy stripping the nearby inherited Mirabelle plums which we don't like.  Too sweet.

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