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Plant I/D please

Hi , I have a smallish wildflower meadow/wild garden and have a plant that I suspect is a Mullein (Verbasum)it stands about 2.4 Metres tall with it's flowers on side branches unlike most Mulleins that hold them close to the stem , in the past I have had both Great and Dark Mulleins quite close by but that was about 5 years ago and this one is quite different in that it's leaves are not soft and hairy but are fairly smooth and semi glossy , before it's first flowers opened I thought it could be Hoary Mullein but that cannot be as it's flowers are Sky Blue , does anyone have any ideas ? as to what it is as in 2 days of searching online I cannot find a match .


  • punkdocpunkdoc Posts: 14,954
    Looks like Chicory to me.
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    I think you're right Punkdoc , I have just googled it as i've never grown it and the flowers match perfectly , they say that it grows to 1.5 Metres so this one at 2.4 must be a giant in the Chicory world , thank for replying your help is much appreciated .
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