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Is this Madame Alfred?

I’m in the U.S. and I bought two Madame Alfred roses a month and a half ago from Heirloom Roses. I’ve never used them before, but they seemed reputable. One of my roses is more shaded at ground level, so it’s not growing as fast which is to be expected until it climbs into more sun. The other is in full sun.  They were in the pots they came in until recently as we had cooler weather and even a foot of snow two weeks ago, but they have had lots of new growth as they came mostly defoliated. I just planted them out, so I don’t have any idea how fast they will grow, but the one in full sun already had two buds on it before planting out. Now today one of the buds has bloomed. It’s obviously smaller than I think you’d expect on a larger plant as it is just under 2 feet high right now. The flower is 2 inches in diameter. 

My concern is that I wasn’t given Madame Alfred roses or at least not for the one that has bloomed. I wouldn’t have expected buds yet, and the bud is not white or white with pink/blush tones. It’s full on pink. We have experienced the heat wave recently with temps in the high 80s and 90s F, so I’m not sure if that would affect the color. I’ve read about temperature affecting the color, but can’t remember if cooler or hotter weather makes it more pink. 

Is this Madame Alfred or did they send me a different plant?


  • MarlorenaMarlorena Posts: 7,930
    First blooms on roses are not always typical.  Is that an own root band you got there from Heirloom?  if so the rose is very young, and small but I have heard they are notorious for sending out mislabels, and the foliage doesn't look right for Mme AC.. but perhaps you should send a photo to Heirloom and ask them?  or ask on the American forum Houzz - Roses.. they would know more..
    East Anglia, England
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