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Plants growing through others


I’ll be cutting back a Nepeta summer magic soon but as it’s growing through other plants, once it’s cut down (to a couple of inches), will it receive enough light or do I need to cut back the others a bit too?



  • AnniDAnniD Posts: 11,441
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  • AnniDAnniD Posts: 11,441
    In the absence of any other replies, l've had a closer look at your photo. If l'm correct, you've got one of the "lips" varieties of shrubby salvias there. In a couple of week's time you can do what is known as the "Hampton hack" (because it's carried out around the time of the Hampton Court flower show) and reduce its height by about a third.
    The white hardy geranium you can cut back to ground level and water. In a few weeks that will have fresh growth. In the meantime your Nepeta should get a bit more light.
    Hope this helps @Wildlifelover :)
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    I think you might have too many plants of the same height together, so you will always tend to get the same problem.
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  • Thanks. I maybe didn’t explain the issue clearly. The nepeta is growing through geranium sanguineum striatum which I thought was a low growing plant but has grown quite tall. If I cut the nepeta down to 2-3 inches (which is what I usually do), the geranium will be completely covering it. Is it likely the nepeta will be absolutely fine and just poke through the geranium like it has?

    The salvia and the white geranium to the left of the pic aren’t an issue. 

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