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Planting ideas for narrow border

I have a narrow border at the back of a patio area, about 60cm. Does anyone have any planting ideas for here to pretty it up a bit? It’s in sun most of the day except for behind the seating.


  • AnniDAnniD Posts: 11,429
    Off the top of my head, and before having a cup of tea, lavender, euonymus and possibly Verbena bonairensis. 
    Are you happy to put in some wires and may be grow climbers up the fence ? Are you looking for year round colours or more evergreen? 
    I'm sure there will be plenty of suggestions  :)
  • JellyfireJellyfire Posts: 1,139
    I’d go for something a bit airy and sprawly to soften the edges up a bit, as AnniD suggested, English lavender or maybe salvia nemerosa or nepeta 
  • Love the colour and softness of those suggestions. I had been a little worried about lavender as, although it’s all new soil on top, about a spades depth down it’s quite a clay soil. Do you think it would be okay? 

    Would love to grow some climbers too. Been thinking we might be better with some group 3 clematis so that we can still paint the fence when it gets pruned?

    Not really worried about whether it’s evergreen or not as it’s just something to add some colour and soften the fence up when we’re sat out in the summer
  • Hebe..or maybe Podocarpus "Kilworth Cream" or Pittosporum "Tom Thumb"?
    A group 3 Clematis would like nice ..perhaps Clematis "Polish Spirit"?
  • AnniDAnniD Posts: 11,429
    It depends, a spade depth might not be enough, although you could add grit to improve the drainage for any lavenders. 
    You could consider a Salvia such as "Caradonna" instead as @Jellyfire suggested. 
  • Alfie_Alfie_ Posts: 328
    Nice patio. If it were me I would get some good training wires with turnbuckles and grow some
    climbers - clematis, honeysuckle or even a small climbing rose or a combination of these. I have a few narrow borders with clematis and honeysuckle which I really like. The small border in front of my timber outbuilding I have a Lonicera japonica Halliana honeysuckle which I love as it flowers for ages and smells incredible.  I agree lavender would look good too. Penstemon are good particularly Raven as it grows more upright, is evergreen and doesn’t need any support so ideal for a narrow border. They also flower for a long time and I’m always a big fan of long flowering perennials.
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