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Pomegranate tree

Hi, I have moved into an old house with a glasshouse in it. Inside the glasshouse there is a large (15 feet tall) pomegranate tree. My problem is that the tree is too tall and so the green foliage is pressed up against the glass ceiling. The base of the plant is actually raised about 3 feet in the green house on a raised rocky bed. 

I see two options both to be done when the plant is dormant:

1. remove the rocky bed carefully preserving roots and replant at the base level thus allowing room to grow and then prune each year to keep the height in check.

2. Cut the tree right back (in the process removing all greenery) allowing it to regrow over time.

if anyone has some experience with pomegranate trees and has advice let me know.



  • philippasmith2philippasmith2 Posts: 2,961
    I've only grown Pomegranates in the open ground but that was in SW Spain.
    I'm not quite sure how yours will really do in a GH here.
    Presume your GH is a fair size as 15 ft height tree is unusual - ie not your usual domestic garden GH.
    Have you any idea what the previous owners had in mind when they planted the tree ?  Does it flower and produce fruit at all ( or did it ever ?).
    What else do you want to use the GH for ?  If you want the Pomegranate just for it's foliage, do you have somewhere in your garden where you could site it ?
    If you are sure you want the tree where it is, it's a bit difficult to say which way you want to go - how deep do you estimate the bed is in that you could drop the tree to any worthwhile extent ?  If it is happy where it is, and you just want to reduce the height, I'd say that is your best bet - done, as you say, when the tree is dormant.
    Perhaps a photo and some indication of your location may help others to give more cogent advice :)
  • bertrand-mabelbertrand-mabel Posts: 2,202
    My son gave me one some years ago for Mothers day. It was a "dead" twig in a pot. It did though grow and was planted out into our greenhouse (with the grapes). In 2019 it produced one flower and nothing since. The growth though is very good and had to be cut back last year and so we had many water shoots...still no flowers. We wait and see as always with plants.
  • philippasmith2philippasmith2 Posts: 2,961
    Dwarf Poms were at one time sold as House plants - possibly still are ?.  They will flower eventually in the right conditions but no good for fruit as such.
    Like any other tree, they require the right location and plenty of room. They fill a space but they aren't that spectacular IMO. However,  I only speak from growing them as fruit trees in a different climate to the UK so maybe other posters could be of more help.
  • D0rdogne_DamselD0rdogne_Damsel Posts: 4,038
    I've one in the garden, didn't realise what it was until I cut it back harshly one year and the following it produced lots of fruit. We've a warm climate here, so perhaps no need of a greenhouse, although winters can be very cold. Not entirely sure I like the fruit but I found a few recipes. If space we're an issue I might not keep. 
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