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Pear tree disease identification

Good day.  I have several pear trees, and they are all showing the same symptoms to a greater or lesser extent.  On one tree in particular every leaf is affected.  The tree on the other side of the path has one main branch infected and the rest of that tree seems okay at the moment.  Trees on the other side of the house have started to show symptoms too.
The leaves have yellowed and become distorted in a similar way to early infection of peach leaf curl.  The undersides have brown mottling.  I've spent a couple of hours using google image search, and researching pear diseases but not I'm not sure I've identified it correctly.  I'd like some advice please! 
Thank you very much.


  • Pete.8Pete.8 Posts: 11,126
    It could be pear blister mite.
    I have 5 pears and I've noticed a few leaves are affected on 2 of them.
    They get pear rust every year to a greater or lesser extent, but I've not had blister mite before until this year.
    Some info from the RHS -

    Make sure the tree has enough water and a dilured (1/2 strength) feed of seaweed extract every 2 weeks or so will ensure it has all the necessary nutrients to try and stay healthy during the onslaught.

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  • Thank you very much.  That's very helpful.
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