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Plum tree advice please

I planted my first plum tree a few months ago (Victoria Plum) and something is eating the leaves. It may be a snail or caterpillar as it’s leaving slime on the leaves. I’ve enclosed a couple of photographs. If anyone could help identify the pest and advise how I can deal with it I’d be very grateful. Thanks in advance


  • purplerallimpurplerallim Posts: 5,228
    If it doesn't touch the fence, then gravel around the trunk, sticky band  30cm up from the ground, and a final one of water retention crystals sprinkled on the ground .Slug/snails hate the stuff, even saved green beans that way.😁 Hope this helps @andykenyon90
  • That’s amazing, I will try that. Thank you so much
  • I’m now getting what looks like poo on my plum tree leaves. Any idea where this might come from. Photo attached
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