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What to do with allium bulbs?

Hi everyone, I've grown alliums for the first time this year in pots, as I have heavy clay soil. Now that they've finished flowering and died back I pulled up the bulbs and got a surprise - they're huge and look just like a standard bulb of garlic with some really juicy looking cloves. I'd like to store them to replant in the autumn, my question is whether I should plant each clove separately or put the whole bulb back in as it is? Will each clove produce a new plant or will there only be one? The bulbs I planted this year were tiny in comparison! 
Please forgive me for my ignorance!


  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 16,720
    Yes, they will easily split, and replant each piece separately.   Only bigger ones will produce flowers usually. If they are planted shallowly, they produce lots of little bulbs that don't flower.
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