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I have approx 30 fuchsias - all hardy and all have had the same treatment: regular watering and feeding. All are now an impressive size, and most of them covered in flowers. But just a few have no flowers at all. Why is this, I wonder? Should I replace the non-flowerers? Or might they still produce some blooms?


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    Maybe move them into a different position - swap some of those that are doing well with those that are not doing so well and see what happens. If we are going to get more warm weather and possibly a mild September you could still get flowers.

    I would be inclined to give them a feed of tomato feed once a week - that's what I usually do at this time of year to keep my baskets and troughs going into autumn.

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    I grow lots of Fuchias and have done for years but this year is theworst I can remember for a lack of flowers. I do believe the reason is the extreme heat we have been suffering.I have fuchsias in full sun,some in full shade and some in partial shade and they have all suffered.The other thing is those that are flowering are about a month behind normal.Dont discard them as I am sure they will come again next year.

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    I find Fuchsias prefer shady areas and cool temperatures, something akin to Summer of last year image

    My Fuchsias last year were amazing, this year they are turning up they're noses :P

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    Thanks for the reassuring comments. When I looked at them yesterday I realised that it is the ones which are in an open, sunny bed which have virtually no flowers. I had conscientiously fed and watered them to make up for the lack of rain - but, as you say, it could be the heat. I think I'll leave them where they are, because they were brilliant last year.


    Thanks again for your interest.

  • DaintinessDaintiness Posts: 949

    Sorry, I assumed (wrongly) that they were in pots!! That's why I suggested moving them around....image

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