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Shaded back of the garden - progress

Further to my post in May, thanks to folks here, I was encouraged and supported to tackle the jungle at back of the garden. 

Progress thus far - managed to remove fallen branches from next door’s conifers. Did lots of weeding and collecting 20 sacks of leaves (probably 20 more to go). The hardest task is and remains the Laurel tree. I managed to lift the crown, looks much better. Sawing of branches was a learning lesson. I have planted some hostas and ferns under the Laurel, which is probably a waste of time. As it seems not much grows under a Laurel. But the big issue I have is fallen leaves, every few days I have a carpet of leaves. The tree is very healthy but clearly too many leafy branches. So coming to a conclusion either a heavy trim or tree removal. Heavy trim is only a part solution, seems Laurel will need constant trimming. The tree is about 40/50 foot, not something I can tackle myself at my age. So gonna have to find a tree surgeon. A cost I did not anticipate. So have to say Laurel is a set back, feel a bit demotivated and overwhelmed. But I shall take small steps and deal with issues one at a time. 


  • UffUff Posts: 3,199
    You should feel proud of your achievement so far @dbhattuk
    Already your garden is looking better. If you do decide to take out the laurel look upon it as an opportunity to create a lighter and brighter garden. Best of luck.
    SW SCOTLAND but born in Derbyshire
  • didywdidyw Posts: 3,541
    I love the gnarly look of the laurel - and it's going to be hot, hot hot this week - you will welcome the shade.  Good work so far!
    Gardening in East Suffolk on dry sandy soil.
  • Dilip_UKDilip_UK Posts: 114
    Awww thank you @Uff for the support and encouragement. I need to find a tree professional, to advise what’s best in my context. I do like the Laurel but it does dominate in many ways. Now I am paying attention at the back of the garden, realisation that I should have tackled the Laurel early on. 
  • Dilip_UKDilip_UK Posts: 114
    thank you @didyw, ohhh tree has character. My children and grandchildren have and do climb the tree. Canopy is amazing but since it’s not had a trim it’s way overgrown. One branch is way into the neighbours garden. If not removal it certain needs a heavy trim. Yes will enjoy cool shade whilst I can. Hot hot hot I like that!!. Stay cool!
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