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Am I going crazy?

ren.bren.b Posts: 164
I just put this photo in an app I've got called 'Picture This' and usually it's pretty accurate at recognising plants but am not sure about this - it seems to have suddenly shot up over the last few days but what's really confusing me is that the label below it says 'Salvia Sensation' but this doesn't look like a salvia to me ....
The app thinks it's a Willow Herb - 'american or fringed' - is it one of those crazy weeds that has taken over the spot from the Salvia I DID plant last year?

This is the label I put in for the Salvia Sensation I do remember planting -



  • Pete.8Pete.8 Posts: 10,293
    It looks very willowherby to me I'm afraid
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  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Posts: 83,889
    And me 🙄 

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  • joanna65joanna65 Posts: 60
    I have just spent the last hour pulling this up from my mum's garden. It gets everywhere and is a master of disguise, growing next to similar looking plants until you suddenly realise it is not a penstemon. 
  • ren.bren.b Posts: 164
    :D RIGHT!  The little *@##* is coming out - can you believe I even propped it up in the wind yesterday??  Dunno what I would do without you lot  - THANK YOU xxxx
  • ren.bren.b Posts: 164
    Where's my saliva then?? :o
    This is how weeds survive through the ages.  The varmints pretend they are beautiful flowering plants until they spill their seeds or send runners underground.  If you’re lucky, you’ll notice and take action just in the nick of time.  If you don’t notice, it’s one years seeds, seven years weeds. 🤬
  • B3B3 Posts: 25,239
    If it's disgustingly healthy and growing at an alarming rate, with no pest damage whatsoever, it's a weed. Don't be fooled by a pretty flower. Con artists don't have black eye masks, a stripey t-shirt and a sack marked SWAG 
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  • ren.bren.b Posts: 164
    Fairygirl said:
    ren.b said:
    Where's my saliva then?? :o
    In your mouth... ;)

    I'm guessing the salvia hasn't survived.

    hahahahahaha :D:D
  • ren.bren.b Posts: 164
    Really useful info Erics Mum and B3 - I never thought about them like that, it is disgustingly healthy, growing at an alarming rate with no pest damage - lol @ 'con artist' - kinda feel sorry for it if it has to go to all that trouble to survive but he's in my precious border (I only have the one) so he has to go (why am I calling it a he?) .... I might just put it at the bottom of a wild section we have (for the wildlife) - really steep slope safely away from the garden.
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