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Identifying types of tomato

Please could anyone help identify what type of tomatoes I am growing? I thought that they were Tumbler but now think I may have bought Moneymaker. They have flowers at the bottom and are now getting some new ones further up.  I have been enlightened to discover that there are two different categories of tomatoes, determinite and indeterminite and that indeterminite benefits from having the suckers pruned.  I normally just bung them in and let them get on with it but want to give them a bit more attention this time and improve my knowledge on best growing methods.  Thanks in advance.


  • If I was you I'd wait till you get your first fruit to determine which variety. Moneymaker has medium, round fruits but tumblers are small cherry tomatoes. Lastly how are you growing them. Moneymaker is a cordon variety. Tumblers are compact, trailing bush tomatoes.
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  • REMF33REMF33 Posts: 717
    That looks like a determinate one to me, but I suppose it might depend on how old it is. I say this because there is a lot of foliage on it which suggests you've had it a while. Indeterminate ones tend to shoot up and not be so leafy round the bottom in my experience. On the other hand, that middle stem is quite straight...
    I think you may indeed have to wait for some fruit.
    Removing side shoots is not essential. I usually start of with good intentions, and end up not bothering. My crops are usually heavy. I rarely take material off the top of indeterminate ones, and the only downside of this has been to make the plants a bit top heavy and prone to toppling if not watered enough (by other people when I go on holiday, usually ; ))

    I have a few plants with missing labels. It irks me more than it should.
  • Thanks for the replies. Thats correct, I have had the plants a while. I've just noticed the first fruits today. 
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