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Tommie55Tommie55 Posts: 8

So……….I don’t want to gloat, but where better than “Gardener’s World” the best forum and website in the U.K. to post a picture of these HUMONGOUS Aliums. It wasn’t intentional and I’ve forgotten most of the bulbs I’ve planted but as I DO like Big these have come up a treat. They are in Pinhoe, Exeter, a pretty good climate with a smudging of showers, they are sat RIGHT next to a whole bunch of MASSIVE Echium Pininanas. (Those you can see in the next thread I’m gonna harp on about)
 I think they are “Gladiators”. I am just so made up.The Aliums are 7’6” (230mm), and still growing. If you think you can better them……”Come n’ have a go if you think you’re tall enough !!!


  • LiriodendronLiriodendron Posts: 8,034
    Did you plant "Summer Drummer", by any chance?  They are advertised as growing up to eight feet tall...
    Since 2019 I've lived in east Clare, in the west of Ireland.
  • Tommie55Tommie55 Posts: 8
    I couldn’t really tell you as throughout the year I plant SO many bulbs and corms I rarely keep records from a whole diversity of suppliers and centres or garden plant sales, anywhere I can get my hands on plants etc.
    although……….. the name “Summer Drummer” DOES ring a bell. Hopefully the show will be as spectacular as the growth, do you have any, Liriodendron?
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