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Tomatoes outside or under glass?

Another tomato query.  My (Moneymaker) tomatoes are ready to go into their final larger pots. I was going to put them against the house wall, in our south facing garden, but then wondered whether they'd be better in the raised coldframe?  I can remove  the shelf and stand them on the brick paving. They'd have approx 1.20m high growing room. The coldframe has sliding glass panels at the front and top. It faces West. Any thoughts on  the pros and cons? 
Thank you 😊 


  • purplerallimpurplerallim Posts: 5,105
    Moneymaker will work outside or in @Nel_Staffs
     The point of growing in a greenhouse is to prolong the season. Outside you can grow them to four or five trusses of fruit, but it will depend on how long the warm period of summer is as to whether they all ripen. As long as they have enough room all around the plant ( not too near the wall) and a six foot bamboo cane they will be fine.😁
  • Nel_StaffsNel_Staffs Posts: 91
    Thank you @purplerallim.  Outside they go!  😊 
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