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WHEN to hard prune old but very healthy jasmine and honeysuckle?

Hi all, I know there have been quite a few discussions about hard pruning jasmine officianale and honeysuckle, but I am struggling to find out what time of year is best to do so.

I have a fence covered by two magnificent old specimens of jasmine and honeysuckle which have not been touched for at least 15 years. All the foliage/flowers are hanging over the top of, and outside of, my fence, rather that inside where I can enjoy them. Mostly what I can see on my side are the thick bare stems (up to 4-5 cm thick).

I plan to hard prune both down to 2 ft or so, and then train the new growth onto my side of the fence where I can see it!

I really don't want to kill these gorgeous plants. WHEN is the best time to hard prune? Can I do it straight after flowering? Or should I wait till late Winter/early Spring? I live in Cambridgeshire.

Also, given how thick the stems are, should I treat the cut ends to protect them from disease?

Please help! I have spent many hours online but cannot find a definitive answer! Thank you so much.


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    Honeysuckle can really be pruned almost any time @hortulanus , but spring is better because the plant can get going again quickly.

    I don't know about jasmine, but someone will hopefully see this now and be able to help. Usually after flowering is the ideal time though   :)
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    I live in west central Scotland - not where that photo is...
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