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Sinking shed

Hi all,

At the foot of my garden is an empty wooden shed that is warping. It's in the perfect location for an aviary and I'm tempted to bring the wooden shell back to life.

The biggest issue is that the foundation for one corner of the shed has failed. Three corners seem square and flat, one corner sunk, and the shed floor bent. It is quite possible that foxes have been burrowing beneath the shed.

I'm open to suggestions: Use it as is? Lift the corner using the car jack and stuff something underneath? Abandon it to the elements?


  • Chris-P-BaconChris-P-Bacon Posts: 943
    It's an 'ex shed'..time for something new methinks.
  • NollieNollie Posts: 7,018
    What’s the foundation made of Glen? If concrete that has sunk because it wasn’t properly laid and bedded, you wouldn’t be able to jack up that, it would still not be fit for purpose. Similarly if it’s a wooden foundation that’s warped and possibly rotted there will be no way of lifting or unwarping that either. It would be better to dismantle the shed and then address the foundation issues. If the shed itself is warped, there may be no saving it and it may indeed be an ex-shed as Chris says. You may be able to reuse/recycle some of it’s component parts in the construction of your aviary tho.
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  • [Glen][Glen] Posts: 73
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    Nollie said:
    What’s the foundation made of Glen?
    It looks to me as though a stack of bricks underpinned in each wooden corner, and one stack is now missing. My guess is that animals (foxes, rabbits, etc.) have borrowed underneath the bricks.
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