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Can anyone identify my friend's rose?

didywdidyw Posts: 2,914
My friend inherited this rose when she moved to her present house 8 years ago.  She says it is a strong grower.  You can see the blooms emerging as a strong yellow, fading to a softer yellow as they mature.  She'd love to know what it is!


  • WAMSWAMS Posts: 1,518
    edited May 2022
    Very pretty. I don't know (and my eyes aren't great) but it looks quite a bit like my Arthur Bell.
  • I was going to say Arthur Bell.  I have it as a climber.  Do the buds have a red edge when they open?  Mine smells gorgeous.

  • didywdidyw Posts: 2,914
    Thank you - I've passed this on to my friend.
  • GardenerSuzeGardenerSuze Posts: 4,256
    @didyw The leaves on Arthur Bell are a dark green and very shiny. I have only ever seen this rose a picture of health.

    A good gardener's eye sees more to be improved. Robin Lane Fox
  • WAMSWAMS Posts: 1,518
    wow, Allium, stunning. How many years did it take to get him that big? I think mine might eventually need better supports, looking at that... perhaps a similar pergola type job.

    great rose, isn't it, Suze? Sometimes things are deservedly popular and Arthur falls into that category.
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