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Tips for a novice greens-grower?

I've always grown potatoes, blueberries and herbs (well, they grow themselves with minimal input from me in fairness), but after an ill-fated attempt at zucchini a few years back (during blackbird nesting season... nuff said), I am ready to try some green edible things. And this time I'd like to succeed.

How would you go about raising silverbeet (chard), dill, spinach and basil from seed in a garden full of every pest from slugs to collie dogs? What is worth trying outside, and how to best protect them (without chemicals/pellets)? 

Thank you!


  • FairygirlFairygirl west central ScotlandPosts: 47,145
    Basil needs to be inside - for germination, and for growing on until it's warm enough to be outside. I never have it outside though - other than for a while during the day, and only if the weather's suitable. I sometimes put a pot in the greenhouse. If you're in a consistently warm enough area, it might be ok - as with tomatoes. 
    I don't grow dill, although I do grow fennel, and I find spinach a bit tricky for some reason.
    I've grown chard, but again, it was started inside, and planted out in pots once the weather suited.
    I would never sow any of them direct here anyway. No point, as the conditions don't really suit. I'd always start them undercover, unless I was doing a second sowing in June or something, and they'd be done in pots or trays.  :)
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