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StorminStormin Posts: 51
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Hi not sure I'd I'm doing this right.  Bought 3 hotlips plants from Daily Mail few weeks ago - potted them on and they are now about 6" tall. Can I plant them out yet or do I need to repot them again? Thanks


  • AnniDAnniD Posts: 12,176
    Tricky in my opinion. Do they have really good root systems ?
      Although the height is good the roots might not be the same, if you see what I  mean. If they do have good roots l think personally l would pot them on just one more time and then plant them out. .
    Shrubby salvias grow at quite a rate, especially at this time of year, so it wouldn't take long until they are good strong plants. The main problem is the stems can be quite easily broken, so handle with care  :)
  • StorminStormin Posts: 51
    Thanks for that. The roots look really strong and are trailing through bottom of pots. Think I will pot them on  again for now as you suggest. 
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