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Hi Guys, I’ve decided on the plan for improving my garden so just after any tips/how to’s or things to avoid etc. I’ve attached a rough plan of how I’d like it to look, the work will involved extending the patio that’s already there slightly, building sleeper beds to enclose the sofa area and the patio within that area. From research I note I need to dig down about 15cm for the patio, add in some type 1, level off and then add the patio slabs with some mix etc. The main piece of advice I’m after is regarding the slope. As you can see in the brickwork it’s fairly flat for the first third, the drops around 2 bricks in the middle third and then 1 brick in the final third. So, plan is to put the sleeper beds in around the middle and have a step down onto the sofa patio. What’s the best way to do this? Any other tips would be much appreciated! Thanks


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