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Perennial Kale is in flower

Hi all, I've been given a perennial kale plant last autumn. It settled very well in my raised bed and now grown massive spikes of flowers. I'm not sure if I need to do anything now or just let it form seeds and then remove them?


  • scullionscullion Posts: 11
    hiya, are you sure it's one of the perennial ones?
    i have been growing the 'taunton deane' variety for quite a few years now (big, dark green leaves with purple ribs). it has never flowered and i've never heard of it flowering so i'm assuming that yours is possibly the "daubenton's" type which i gather can.
    i would be inclined to see if there are any non flowering shoots on the plant, take cuttings, then let the rest flower to see if it produces viable seed - you could produce another variety! (although i presume the plant would die after setting seed).
    the 'taunton deane' variety strikes readily from cuttings - take 15cm or more from a shoot or top of the plant, leave on the top two (small) leaves, put it in compost and leave in the shade until it's produced roots.
    i'm assuming it's similar for "daubenton's". 
  • Many thanks for the info, scullion :) I thought it was portuguese kale, but not sure. Definitely will take a few cuttings and save seeds. It looks actually very pretty at the moment with clouds of yellow flowers attracting lots of pollinators
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