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Gooseberry - cuttings

ShepherdsBarnShepherdsBarn DevonPosts: 338
When we moved into our cottage over 14 years ago we inherited about a dozen gooseberry bushes. We have 1 red gooseberry - the rest are a variety of green. They have all done really well over the years, giving us a good crop ... all except for the red gooseberry. Can we use the sad red gooseberry, that is just 'hanging on' for cuttings and, if so, when would be the best time, please? We have bought another red gooseberry - but at £10 each we cannot afford to buy more. I have attached a photo of the gooseberry in question.
Apologies for the photo.


  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Central Norfolk UKPosts: 79,229
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    Not really a good idea to propagate from a failing plant. You wouldn’t expect to breed a Derby winner by mating two horses that never won a race. 

    Treat yourself to a Hinnonmaki Red this autumn 

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  • WatsoniaWatsonia Posts: 90
    I second the suggestion of investing in a new plant. You always can take cuttings from your new purchase. I have a Hinnomaki Red and last year I have used layering to procure new plants. The new 1 year old plants are still relatively small but are already producing fruit. You would be able to build up a good number of bushes in quite a short amount of time.
  • ShepherdsBarnShepherdsBarn DevonPosts: 338
    Ah ... thank you both - perhaps I'll do that! 😊
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