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Unhappy camelia

It is in a 36" pot. Most of the blooms have some  yellow petals and in the last few days black patches have appeared on some leaves.  I have applied a first dose of a foliar fungicide but looking at the RHS website see that camelias need an acidic soil.  I didn't know this and used ordinary potting material and wonder if there is any way that I can increase the acidity without completely re-potting it. 


  • Adding sulphur flakes will reduce the pH... but I'd repot in ericaceous compost.

    Also shouldn't be watered with hard water, so you have to use rain water if you're in a hard water area.

    Dreadful faff but the flowers are worth it., aren't they?
  • grouchergroucher Posts: 31
    Give it a dose of Miracid twice a week and substitute the top layer of soil to Ericaceous Compost.  You could also feed with feed pellets from Azalea/Camelia and Rhododendron available in all garden centres.
  • FairygirlFairygirl west central ScotlandPosts: 46,171
    If it's only in compost - that's part of the problem. It needs to be in a soil based medium if it's going to be in a pot long term. Compost alone is no use.  The top layer needs to be refreshed regularly too, and the watering is important, as is the site. Out of morning sun is ideal so that buds and emerging flowers aren't affected by frosts thawing them out. 
    Watering is particularly important in late summer for good bud formation. 
    Top dressing with bark when the soil's moist is also helpful. A basic feed suitable for Rhodos, camellias etc is fine, but shouldn't be overused either.

    It's also a myth about ericaceous soil. They don't need that - they only need to be in soil that isn't alkaline. There's a big difference.  :)
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  • Grandad 99Grandad 99 Posts: 36
    Thanks everyone
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