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leaf discolouration in brassicas

Despite being pretty experienced growers,we have a problem with our brassicas that we have not seen before.Some(not all) of our young sprouts and some varieties of cabbage,have developes reddish purple splodges on their leaves.The plants do not look sick or wilted.In fact they look pretty robust! I do not want to treat them in anyway for fear of doing the wrong thing.Please...have any of you ever seen this ? Any advice will be very welcome.


  • Busy-LizzieBusy-Lizzie Posts: 22,639
    I saw on an old thread that you are having trouble uploading a photo. Is there a photo on your laptop? You click on the icon here that looks like a mountain with the sun on the left and it will guide you. You can also copy and paste sometimes.
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  • Thankyou,I am not at home until tomorrow so I sgall have another go then.Fingers crossed !
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