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Crimson King Maple, bare branch!?

Carol 13Carol 13 Posts: 31
So we've got a beautiful Crimson king Maple in our garden, it's mature and has been lovely. But this year one of the smaller branches is bare and another looks like its struggling to come into leaf properly. I'd hate to take it down, any clues as to its problem??


  • thevictorianthevictorian Posts: 808
    Trees can naturally have limbs or branches die off without the rest of the tree suffering. I've only grown a tiny crimson king and the top growth died off because we had a drought but growth lower down started and took over. 
    I would just watch your tree and if there are no signs of live in that branch by mid summer, consider removing the dead parts but if the rest of the tree looks healthy, don't worry to much.   
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