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Issue with rose buds

Hi all I have a long hedge of David Austin lady of shallots that have always performed very well. This year they seem to be budding a lot earlier probably due to warm weather. My concern is that the buds seem to be opening prematurely with one fully opened bud looking very deformed. I am not sure if this is an insect issue and whether something can be done. I would really hate to see the first flush suffer. Please  pass on any advice if possible.  I have attached photos

Thank you


  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,639
    Since it is still early in the season, prune the buds off. It could be indication of Thrips. Very difficult to see them, and they burrow into the bud when young and more or less eat away the insides. Keep the plants well watered. Thrips tend to thrive in warm and dry conditions.
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