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Very much a novice gardener and have just bought my first home, need a little advice on what to do regarding patio drainage.
Our patio is made up of large concrete slabs laid directly onto clay, looks like it's been there for years with minimal movement but we do get a lot of water pooling at one side. Our plan is currently to leave the drier half of the patio as is, we plan to extend out over it eventually so don't really want to spend too much time on that, it's perfect for what we need it for at the moment.
We wondered if we could dig out the other half of the patio, lay some hardcore down and a thick layer of gravel to same level as slabs to help drainage/stop pooling. Our pizza oven stand is made of wood so we're hoping if we build concrete stands for the legs with gravel around them the legs won't spend too much time submerged in water.
Does this sound like it would solve the issue a little if we make sure the clay under the gravel slopes away from the foundations?



  • FairygirlFairygirl west central ScotlandPosts: 48,889
    Hi @phil_turner - yes, laying paving directly onto heavy clay can cause lots of problems.
    What you're thinking of doing is basically a simple soakaway, which would probably be fine for your purposes. How deep you dig down will depend on heavy it all is, and how strong you are  ;)
    You'd just need to make sure it was well firmed in or it could sink a bit over time, but if you don't need it be in situ for too long, it'll probably do the job well enough, and you can always add a bit more gravel if needed. A layer of heavy duty landscape fabric over the  hardcore can be useful to stop the decorative gravel disappearing into the hardcore itself.
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