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I would like to use plants instead of grass as a lawn.  Is this possible and, if so, what are the most suitable plants?  (I am a complete novice!)


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    What do you want to do with the lawn ?  If it's just to look at then chamomile is a possibility, or perhaps some of the tiny leaved thymes, but they're not really lawns, just patches of green foliage.

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  • you can use....clovers... birdsfoot trefoil... prunella vulgaris... perhaps as a mix. I have used this with some grass as my lawn. Just make sure you dont tread on all the bees it will attract... best to keep your shoes on image


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    Rhoda- that's what I did recently on the clovery bit of grass I have at the side of house!

    I'm keeping a bit of that area as clover and prunella etc -  and there's some bugle in there too that's escaped from somewhere. As Dove says - thyme's great for an area like that too. It's brilliant for insects but I don't think I'd want it as my main lawn. I've got that all as nice green, velvety boring old grass! image

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  • sounds like you are doing a cottage garden,which I think is lovely.They use grow flowers that were native but lupins,hollyhocks,roses,lavender,naserstuims.mixing tall with short .can be very stunning.image

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    Thanks everyone.  I'll investigate all the plants you've suggested.  Sara 4 - I think this is the TV report my dad told me about but I couldn't track it down.  It looks perfect!!


  • This has given me ideas to replace a strip of lawn under my beehives image


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