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Is It possible to stop Clematis

I have several Clematis which I love but they only flower way above my what is attractive to my garden on my trellis work i.e. 10'-12' Question is it possible to cut them back and make them flower lower down please. 


  • FairygirlFairygirl west central ScotlandPosts: 46,245
    Depends on the type, and the pruning. Perhaps you aren't  pruning correctly. If you know the varieties you have, that will help with advice.

    Pretty much all clematis can be pruned to keep them to a better size though. The montanas are different as they naturally want to be big, but if they're trained along wires horizontally , you'll get  flowering lower down. That goes for most others too, so it depends how you're letting them grow.  :)
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  • mikeymustardmikeymustard Posts: 456
     A bit of drastic pruning should definitely help. If you don't know the varieties then you can go by when they flower
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