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Double trouble and an unobtrusive DIY birdbath

Bold little cub brought his / her sibling near the house this morning for an explore.
Rather pleased with new birdbath, see pic, made from a gently rusted dish drainer set on its side and a black lid I had hanging around. See below. Can put it straight onto the garden bed as it doesn't have a solid large base, easily moved about but stable. Daily visitor for a drink is a slim, white feral pigeon with some grey marking so it looks like it's wearing a shoulder shrug. Tres elegante. (not Tree elephant as autocorrect would have it).


  • Pete.8Pete.8 Posts: 11,286
    My neighbour has old pots and pans dotted all around the garden for foxes etc. plus numerous bird baths.
    I have a waterfall made of slate in my fish pond. the slates are not fixed and without fail every spring I find one or more of the slates at the bottom of the pond due to the cubs playing on it. I imagine the cubs get quite a surprise when they end up in the pond!

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  • Yes. Most birds drink from ponds. Ive seen lots of sparrows drinking from my canal recently. I think the birds prefer water close to the ground with foliage nearby to cling to. 
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