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Jasmine Trachelospermum - limiting its growth

pjwizonpjwizon Posts: 52
I'd like to grow a pot planted Jasminoides Trachelospermum by and over the front door porch of my house. Can the growth of this plant be successfully limited? I don't want the plant to take over and become entwined with guttering, block light etc, and will probably need to limit its growth by occasionally removing/training stems etc. If it has a reputation as a vigorous grower it's probably not the plant for this location, but if it's a manageable plant them it'll probably be OK.

It's a common plant so I'm hoping someone can advise.



  • PlantmindedPlantminded Posts: 3,426
    The size of the pot will limit the plant's root growth and thus also limit the growth of stems and foliage.  Like all plants grown in a pot, it will need regular maintenance, including pruning as well as feeding and watering.  There's some good information in this GW link, including tips on pot size: How To Grow Star Jasmine, Trachelospermum Jasminoides - BBC Gardeners World Magazine
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    So long as it's planted in a sunny aspect it will be ok. Also bear in mind that they're not hardy throughout the UK.
    They can grow into huge plants - about 40ft x 25ft, so give it the biggest pot you can.
    When flowering is almost over - it sends out masses of lanky new growth - that would be the time to keep it in check. Prune the new growth back as hard as you need to.

    They use a LOT of water when they're growing and if it gets dry for a while in summer I often found that scale insects would infest the plant - not a major problem, but a bit unsightly. Feed once every week or two when it's growing.

    I had one in a raised border (with no access to soil below) about 6ft long and 2ft deep and wide on a west facing fence - it thrived for many years until I had the house extended. The scent in the summer was almost too much.

    PS - the sticky white sap is a skin irritant, so best to wear gloves when pruning, though it never caused me problems

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