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Hose feeding accessory

Hi I use a liquid seaweed feed and because I have alot of pots and also like to feed the lawn I was thinking about one of those accessories which fits on the hose and sprays feed.  Do you think they are Ok to use with my own liquid feed rather than the granules which usually come with the accessory, like the Miracle-Gro ones, and how on earth does it deduce the correct proportion of feed to water as most of them claim?  Surely it becomes more dilute as you go along?  Never quite got my head around these.  Thanks all 


  • Pete.8Pete.8 Posts: 11,312
    I had the Miracle-Grow feeding attachment some years ago.
    You pour the blue granules in and start spraying.
    Initially the mix coming out of the spray is very dark blue and as it gets used the output gets paler and paler until there's just a hint of blue before the granules are finished.
    It's plainly overfeeding at the start and underfeeding by the end - so it's pretty useless.
    I never used it again.
    The other moan I had about it is that unless you hold it horizontally all the time the the concentration changes. If you point it down the spray is dark blue  (it also dribbles out of the jar) if you tilt it up a bit the spray seems to be just water.

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  • adamadamantadamadamant Posts: 276
    Uh oh!  Sounds like that's not right - I figured that might be the case.  I'll not bother, unless anyone else has a happier story to relate. Thank you Pete.8
  • punkdocpunkdoc Posts: 14,966
    Very interesting, I have tried to work out how they might function, but it is clear they don't.
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  • MrMowMrMow Posts: 158
    I have one of those miracle grow guns.

    As someone who is certificated on spraying all sought of products, the Miracle grow applicator is dreadful. It relies on pushing water into the container so it dilutes the product every second it is in use.

    Buy your self and inline dilutor, amazing bit of kit.  

    I never knew retirement would be so busy. :smile:

  • adamadamantadamadamant Posts: 276
    Looking it up right now.  Thank you for your comments 
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