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Water Pump for Hosepipe?


I collect water in a butt and usually fill watering cans from this during the summer. I wondered is there an electric pump you can buy to run a hosepipe from a water butt?

I am sure they must exist, but could someone recommend one that works well?



  • steephillsteephill Posts: 2,636
    A quick search with any internet search engine will show you dozens from a range of manufacturers - Hozelock, Draper, Karcher, Gardena, Einhell etc. There are submersible pumps which sit in the water butt and external pumps which connect via hose from the butt tap. Prices range from £50 upwards and they all work. More money gets you more pumping power so check what you need first - how high, how far and how fast you need to pump water.
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