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Problem with magnolia

Hello, I wonder if anybody could help with an issue I have with a young magnolia I planted last year. The leaves are shrivelled and yellowing, it’s barely grown in the last 12 months and just seems to be struggling. I’ve used ericacious compost and it’s not been dried out. 


  • PlantmindedPlantminded WirralPosts: 1,022
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    Your plant looks like it's in a sheltered place which is good but it is too close to the wall for the roots to grow down and outwards to benefit from watering - your plant is in a rain shadow and will be dependent on you watering it rather than relying on rain.  There are also some other plants close by which will be competing for light, water and nutrients, thus delaying the development of your Magnolia. 

    I would consider moving your plant to a more open, sunny space without competition from other plants.  Be careful not to damage the fleshy roots and get as much soil as you can with the rootball when transplanting.  Your plant will be fine with ordinary garden soil as long as it's not too alkaline.  Top the area around your plant with organic material such as garden compost or soil conditioner and keep it well watered, but not waterlogged.  It should start to improve over the coming weeks.
  • jaybenfieldjaybenfield Posts: 2
    Thank you so much for such a quick and detailed reply, I will do this today :)
    kind regards
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