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Osmanthus heterophyllus variegatus

I’ve been trying to see whether Osmanthus heterophyllus variegatus - which we’re thinking to add to in our small garden - would be poisonous to our dog, a small terrier. 

The GW website pages on varieties of Osmanthus show them to all be non-poisonous for birds, cats and dogs, and other species. 

Osmanthus heterophyllus variegatus, however, shows as poisonous on the Crocus site: 

Is that information wrong, or is there something about Osmanthus heterophyllus variegatus different from the varieties of Osmanthus shown on the GW website, which would make it poisonous?


  • JennyJJennyJ Posts: 8,826
    I can't see that the variegated one would be any more or less toxic than the plain one.
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  • Many thanks.
  • Some days before posting my question here, I'd emailed it to Crocus. They've now responded to say the warning on their website about the plant being poisonous was a mistake. Though they've wasted my time, and yours, my looking to see if Osmanthus heterophyllus variegatus also featured as poisonous on other garden centre sites did lead to my finding it elsewhere in a 1/3 bigger pot for 2/5 less. So much for Crocus!  

  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 52,081
    I'm afraid large numbers of plants are theoretically 'poisonous' to all sorts of animals, including humans. However, unless they're planning on eating the entire plant at one sitting [highly unlikely] it's usually of very little consequence. 

    All small creatures in a garden - whether pets or children, should be under supervision anyway.  :)
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  • Good luck trying to keep an eye on a dog like our terrier throughout her 24-hour access through the dog-flap to the garden for her needs. As for quantities of a plant eaten, the Crocus entry for Osmanthus heterophyllus variegatus - which in response to my query they’ve since told me they were correcting - said it was toxic even to the touch. Overall, I prefer to be cautious about plants we put in the garden to relying on our dog or our grandchildren not to touch them or to ingest enough for harm.

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