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Training a Passiflora

amy_hamiltonamy_hamilton Posts: 32
edited May 2022 in Tools and techniques
Hi there,

I have built this trellis to help screen out fences and overlooking houses! I hope to train a Passiflora caerulea over it and looking for some advice about the best way to do this. 

The plant will come up from the left hand side - should I grow up the left hand side first and train shoots across the wires or train to the middle then kind of espalier the shoots out both ways? Or should I just let it make its own way!?

any advice gratefully received

amy 😊


  • Slow-wormSlow-worm Posts: 1,586
    It should find its own way, just help it out when necessary by weaving stray long shoots behind the trellis or other bits of itself, or into any gaps. 

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