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Question for the 27 year old ladies

Did any of you try sage for the hot flushes? I've read that it can help - anyone got any experience?
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    I didn't have them - I had the opposite thing. Shivering and shaking as though I had a virus or flu  :)
    Just had to put up with it. 
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    I live in west central Scotland - not where that photo is...
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    I'm visualising cool ocean breezes.
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    Only tried HRT with great success, but my GP retired and next GP said I had to come off it after 15 yrs. Hot flushes came back, now 70 and still have them but not as bad.
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    How miserable for you. :/
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    Go back and complain, see another GP, nobody should have to suffer HRT has been a godsend to so many women I know. 
    If anyone is interested there’s an excellent programme by Davina McCall on the subject on Channel 4. 
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    I use pet cooling mats on my pillows. Never tried sage and haven't had hrt.
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    I use a cooling mat too (@WonkyWomble 's recommendation, thanks :) ) but otherwise just sticking it out. I'll hold off asking for HRT unless it becomes intolerable, because I've a feeling that it's just a delaying tactic and I'd rather get it over with now than later when I might have other health issues to deal with. It's anyone's guess how long it might last and I think I'm still on the lower end of 27 ;). They don't seem as bad now as they did six months ago.
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  • have been using hrt for nearly a year.couldnt get out of bed without it.aching joints the worst thing.felt about 90.fabulous female young gp. nothing else works.dont waste your davinas 2 documentary .all sorts of info now available.why suffer and put up with it because our mother's did?! men wouldnt
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    I like to think of it this way, if I had a vitamin deficiency I would improve my diet and take supplements. My fiancé is a type 1 diabetic so he cannot produce insulin, he takes a supplement in the form of insulin injections Menopause means I have a deficiency so I take supplements. Oestrogen is essential to so many aspects of woman’s health, why do without it when I don’t have to? 
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