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Advice re Acer

MilpipMilpip Posts: 2

Hi All, 

I need a little advice. I had to remove an Acer from my planter because of disease to one branch, a broken branch and then one branch encroached onto the patio area. I was thinking of replacing it with the above Acer but first I think I need to repot it. I wasn’t sure if this variety would like the same spot hence the larger pot so it could be moved. I haven’t a very big garden and have quite a few Acers (inherited from mums garden) that seem to be taking over. The leaves of this Acer seem to be withering (see below) and I’m not sure it is because it needs a bigger pot, doesn’t like the location or something else. The new pot has 8 holes in the bottom, will this be ok to sit on the earth?

Advice welcome. 


  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 54,789
    Hi @Milpip. I wouldn't put the pots on the soil. Acers like plenty of moisture, but they also need good drainage, so a hard surface, and up on blocks of some kind is a better idea.  :)
    The first of your small photos just shows a bit of weather damage, and is quite common at this time of year. Frosts/winds are the usual cause, but it isn't usually a major problem.
    If the bigger pot in your first photos is what you want to plant into, then yes - I'd say that would be fine, if you don't want to plant into the ground. It's probably needing that if it's been in the same pot for a long time. Potted plants of any kind need a bit of extra help each year with the top layer of soil being refreshed. They also need to be in a soil based medium, not just compost, as that isn't suitable long term. 
    You can also prune your Acers a little, if they're getting  a bit big for the space, but that would be done when they're dormant - autumn/winter. Try and avoid doing the mushroom look that some people do though - just take some branches back to retain a natural shape. They look dreadful when pruned into blobs. Not the right plant for that treatment  :)
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