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Overwhelmed by large new planting area



  • Cecelia-LCecelia-L Posts: 103
    Update to keep a record of the progress. 

    I tried to create a cottage garden look…

    Sectioned off flower bed within the flower border to focus on first. 
    Close up. 
    The apricot rose in the middle doesn’t look right. Will move it this winter. 
    Plants all have to endure the occasional football attack 

    My attempt at creating a “hot bed” with roses. All the red and pinks are in this corner. 

    Sleeping under his favourite yellow rose  

    I have moved some of the perennials according to colour to the smaller flower beds. Hopefully they will survive.  Got to remember to take more photos next time! 
  • Cecelia-LCecelia-L Posts: 103
    Special mention: giant sunflowers. They were a huge success this year. I shall most likely plant more sunflowers next year. 

  • FireFire Posts: 17,116
    Congratulations on getting it all done. How is the building work going?
  • Cecelia-LCecelia-L Posts: 103
    All quite well, thanks for asking! 
    Building work has started after numerous delays. The planning would have expired if we didn’t start the work anyway. 

    Very exciting yet also terribly sad to leave the house and garden behind. Quite tricky to settle down elsewhere. 

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