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What plant is this?

Kathy46Kathy46 Posts: 36
Sowed plenty of foxglove and hollyhock seeds at the end of my garden and all I got was this! Any ideas what it is?


  • Pete.8Pete.8 Posts: 10,967
    It looks a bit like Garlic Mustard
    Do the leaves smell when crushed?

    Billericay - Essex

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  • LiriodendronLiriodendron Posts: 8,218
    I think that's garlic mustard or jack-by-the-hedge, Alliaria petiolata.  A wild flower, or weed, depending on your opinion of it...  food plant for caterpillars of orange tip butterflies.
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  • UffUff Posts: 3,199
    We discussed this when I did a foraging course a couple of years ago. You might find this interesting Kathy46
    SW SCOTLAND but born in Derbyshire
  • Kathy46Kathy46 Posts: 36
    Thank you both for speedy ID. Yes it does smell vaguely garlicky when crushed. Orange tip butterfly food sounds good to me.
  • Kathy46Kathy46 Posts: 36
    Wow, responses from England, Ireland and Scotland in a matter of minutes. This site is a wonder!
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