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Is this buxus dying?

I'm desperately trying to save a buxus that was moved (by non-professionals) during a gardening project last October. It seemed to be doing ok for a while but now is going brown (when compared to my other two that weren't moved - see the photo) and I wonder if it's dying. It does still seem quite green in the internal stems but the outer ones are browning.

I think I've successfully treated it for moth (I think I'm successful as there are no traces of the caterpillars and my other two buxus seem to be doing well) so is it now not happy because it was moved or is it just recovering from the moths and will come back to life?


  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 27,363
    Did you intend to post a photo with this @martinmichelle74

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  • I did but it failed - much like my gardening!  Hope this link will work instead.  Thank you.
  • AnniDAnniD Posts: 12,178
    It's a bit difficult to tell from your photos but l think you're right and it was attacked by the dreaded box caterpillars. The fact the other 2 box plants look healthy make me wonder if it was already under attack before you moved it.
    Even though you can't see any signs of the caterpillars yet, they are definitely starting to reappear. 
    My box plants that were attacked last year have fresh growth although the previous damage is still visible, so the fact there is no new growth (l don't think) is worrying. Box are usually pretty tough though, so as long as it had a good rootball when it was moved and was well watered, it should be OK.

    I would suggest giving it a granular feed around the roots, then water it in. Have a good search in the plant for any signs of caterpillars and order some more nematodes. (Also feed the other 2 plants ,and obviously apply nematodes to them as well).
    Hope this helps  :)
  • Thanks very much AnniD. That really does help.  They were all attacked by the dreaded moth last year but I treated them and they survived and new growth came through.  I'll give it a granular feed like you suggest and cross my fingers!  
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