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James Galloway climbing rose

I have a James Galloway climbing rose which I plan to pot up. Unfortunately I cannot plant into ground so I plan to use a pot. Would this be successful ? And if so what size pot would be appropriate? I understand that James Galloway is a medium climber 

grateful for any advise 


  • BlueBirderBlueBirder Posts: 212
    It's not listed on David Austin's site as being suitable for a container

    I have a totally container garden and have accepted that I'll try some things which will work and some things which won't, so I would say - if you have the rose already, and you can only put it in a pot, go ahead and try it :) 

    But I'd go for as big a container as you can find - at least 45cm across and 45cm deep, and bigger if you can. You can buy Stewart Palladian planters with 60cm diameter relatively cheaply at e.g. Webbs if you don't mind plastic pots which look a bit plastic! 

    Some other more expert rose growers on the forum will probably be able to give you care tips on how to look after it if it's in a container. 
  • AlchemistAlchemist Posts: 273
    Anything can be grown in a container provided you take appropriate measures. Just so you know this rose is quite vigorous (and lovely) and reached the top of our 2.4m arch in 2 years and engulfed it in 3 (planted in ground in autumn as bare root). Just make sure you have the space for it. 
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