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Pinching Out - which plants?

Coming to gardening with a biology background I understand the science of pinching out growing tips to encourage bushier growth. But I'm confused as to which plants this is recommended for, and why, and also whether you should pinch out flower buds to encourage lateral growth in young plants or rooted cuttings.

I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on pinching out in general, and for the following plants specifically - Bacopa (or Sutera, depending on who you ask), Felicia, Salvia nemorosa, wild strawberry and Salvia jamensis (e.g. Nachtvlinder).

Thank you! Looking forward to your comments.


  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 50,314
    Pinching out flower buds saves the plant putting all it's energy into producing flowers, rather than better roots or more potential flowering stems. It's also useful for plants which have been sown in autumn, but can't be planted out, or young plants at that time of year, because they'd get leggy and weak otherwise. Pinching them out simply makes a stronger plant, and more able to withstand the many problems that can occur in spring. Damage from slugs for example. 

    I don't grow any of those mentioned, so can't help. I wouldn't think you'd need to bother with the strawberries though, unless it was for the reason above - runners being kept over winter to prevent them exhausting themselves.
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